Bad Credit Credit Cards For People With Poor Credit

Anyone who has bad credit faces many financial obstacles in life. People with poor credit face the stress of repaying debts and then improving their financial situation using things like bad credit credit cards.

bad credit credit cardsThe first task is difficult and the second is even harder. Individuals take steps to avoid falling into the same traps that caused their credit to decline the first time. At the same time, they try to keep themselves afloat financially without charging too much.

Though some experts advise against the use of credit by a person on shaky financial ground, credit cards to rebuild bad credit can actually be very helpful.

Bad credit credit cards help individuals pay for items without having to carry cash. When they are used responsibly, these cards can help improve credit history. Cardholders should use them only when necessary and not charge more on bad credit credit cards than they can afford to repay each month.

Though it is not reasonable to expect results overnight, even when using a credit card for bad credit, a noticeable improvement in the credit score should occur after about one year of using bad credit credit cards.

It is not difficult for people to get credit cards with bad credit as long as they look in the right places. Not all companies that issue bad credit credit cards are reputable.

These vendors offering credit cards to rebuild bad credit know how desperate consumers who have poor credit can be and some of them take advantage of this. As they should do before entering into most financially-based transactions, people should thoroughly research every company offering a credit card to rebuild bad credit.

Doing so enables the best companies offering cheap bad credit credit cards to be identified and reduces the chances of a negative experience. The last thing someone with bad credit needs is to experience more financial difficulties.

Lenders Offering Credit Cards For Bad Credit

Just by doing an online search, a consumer will find a slew of credit cards to rebuild bad credit. The companies promoting these bad credit credit cards make their deals sound like the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Each credit card for bad credit claims to have better features and terms than the competition. It is not difficult to realize that not all cards can be the best. Further investigation is required before completing an application for credit cards to rebuild bad credit.

Some lenders offer adverse credit credit cards, while others require that their cards be secured by an asset held by the cardholder. A secured card should be a last resort when applying for credit cards with bad credit because it may require that the individual use the house as collateral.

Bad credit unsecured credit cards are usually much safer, from the perspective of the applicant. There is no personal asset tied to these bad credit credit cards that could immediately be sold by the issuer should the cardholder not adhere to card terms.

UK consumers should compare adverse credit credit cards in various ways. Interest rates are important but so are things like late payment fees, balance transfer fees, and cash advance fees.

Finding the best credit cards with bad credit requires a bit of homework.

This extra effort is worth the time because it can result in huge monetary savings. Using a decent credit card to rebuild bad credit results in a more pleasant cardholder experience.

The alternative can be months of haggling with the card provider and possibly legal action that takes time and costs money.

Someone who is rebuilding credit may qualify for the Barclaycard Visa, which has a variable representative APR of 29.9 percent. Cardholder benefits include Barclaycard Freedom rewards, which entitles individuals to Reward Money for eligible purchases made from designated retailers.

Reward Money may be applied toward future purchases with participating retailers. Travel and hotel savings, Internet fraud protection, and online account management are other features.

Capital One also offers a 29.9 percent representative variable APR for its Capital One UK Progress MasterCard. This card features a credit limit as high as £2,500 and with good management practices, a cardholder have the ability to reduce the interest rate to 17.9 percent.

Designed only to rebuild credit, this card does not include benefits other than online account management and online fraud protection.

When consumers in the UK have poor credit, they often turn to Vanquis, a UK bank that has assisted over one million area residents with securing credit.

Those who have a Vanquis Bank Card are serviced by representatives based in the UK when they require assistance that is not addressed using either SMS or online account management.

Though the variable representative APR of 39.9 percent is higher, a cardholder may be entitled to regular increases in credit limit.

Interest Rates For A Bad Credit Credit Card

No one should be fooled into thinking that bad credit credit cards feature low monthly interest rates or annual percentage rates (APRs). When a person gets a credit card with bad credit, the rate will be higher than someone with good credit will receive.

Lenders view a person with a poor credit score as a risk and therefore assign a higher interest rate to the account. This way, if the person does not repay the card balance on bad credit credit cards each month, the lender makes money.

It is important to understand that the interest rate listed on a monthly basis is not the same as the APR. Monthly interest rates on bad credit credit cards may not seem overwhelming to a borrower.

This rate is applied each month to the balance that remains on the card. Identifying the APR for credit cards to rebuild bad credit will open the eyes of the consumer.

This is the annual cost of borrowing money using a credit card. People often do not think of using bad credit credit cards as “borrowing” cash, but it is. That privilege of using credit cards with bad credit comes at a cost, which is the APR, a rate that is often very high.

When reviewing the credit cards to rebuild bad credit, consumers should compare both the monthly interest rate and the APR. It is possible for two bad credit credit cards to have the same monthly interest rate but a different APR.

In addition, interest costs on bad credit credit cards compound when balances are carried over from one month to the next. For a balance that remains for several months, the interest due can border on the unaffordable.

Fees Associated With Bad Credit Credit Cards

Bad credit credit cards may also feature higher late payment fees because this is another way for the card issuer to profit from the poor practices of the cardholder. In and of itself, a late payment fee on a bad credit unsecured credit card may not be huge.

However, when payments on bad credit credit cards are frequently made late and only the minimum payment is made, these fees and the high interest rate can equal a substantial amount of money.

Getting a credit card with bad credit may offer the opportunity to roll over balances from higher interest cards. Cardholders should be aware that the other card issuer may charge a fee of either a flat amount or a percentage of the balance.

In addition, a separate interest rate is assigned to balances transferred onto bad credit credit cards. This rate may be higher than that associated with purchases.

A bad credit unsecured credit card as well as one that is secured may also enable the cardholder to get a cash advance. This is one of the worst things that anyone having a credit card with bad credit can do.

Cash advances on bad credit credit cards come with fees and an interest rate that is usually much higher than the rate for purchases. Individuals should avoid the cash advance feature of the card entirely and instead focus on limiting spending to avoid further damage to the credit score.

Importance Of Financial Responsibility When Using Credit Cards With Bad Credit

Even if they find a credit card to rebuild bad credit that features a decent interest rate, people may suffer if they are not responsible. Whenever possible, those who have bad credit credit cards should pay the entire balance due each month.

Those who find this difficult should review their spending practices. Credit cards for bad credit can only do so much to help the financial situation. The rest is up to the cardholder, who should not spend more than can be afforded.

At any time, issuers of bankruptcy credit cards can raise the interest rate, sending a spendthrift cardholder into a financial tailspin.

How To Use A Credit Card Smartly

Even consumers with credit cards for bad credit must resist the urge to spend. Once the new card arrives, it is important to be a smart user. Doing so allows cardholders to save money and maintain control over related finances. Those who have bad credit credit cards can improve their credit standing simply by following these rules.

If introductory offers are provided, take advantage of them because they can be big money-savers. Look for interest-free periods for new purchases, and zero percent interest for balance transfers. Rewards and cash back programs provide cardholders with something for their spending. Though most bad credit cards do not feature these offers or programs, some do, so keep an eye out for them.

Using a different credit card for different reasons organizes spending and can reduce interest charges. Purchases can be made on one card, balance transfers placed on another, and so forth. The different interest rates applicable to different charges put on the same card can make using a single card more expensive. By using multiple cards, consumers reduce interest and can take advantage of several introductory offers.

Never withdraw cash using a no credit check credit card because this can be very expensive. The cash advance interest rate is usually higher than the rate for purchases. Cardholders will pay this higher rate for cash advances until they have repaid the entire balance on the card. Using a different PIN for the credit and debit cards prevents accidental withdrawal of cash from the credit card account.

To avoid paying any interest on purchases, cardholders should pay the card balance in full every month. If this is not possible, they should pay as much as they can. Rolling over a balance to future months causes purchases to cost much more than their actual price. Making payments on time avoids late fees, which add to expenses.

The Bad Credit Credit Cards Application Process

After reviewing the fees and interest rates associated with credit cards to rebuild bad credit, the best of the available bad credit credit cards should become evident. At this point, the individual can complete an online or paper application for an account.

It is always a good idea to keep a copy of completed applications for bad credit credit cards, in case any questions or discrepancies arise in the future. This is especially true when the credit card is secured by an asset.

When applying for credit cards with bad credit, consumers may need to wait a bit longer to receive a decision from the lender. This is because lenders offering bad credit credit cards may need to research blemishes on the credit report, such as bankruptcy or home foreclosure situations, in more detail.

After the lender conducts a thorough review of the credit history and verifies the information provided on the application, it will issue a decision. If the applicant is rejected for the credit card to rebuild bad credit, he or she should move to the next card on the ranking list.

However, it is important not to complete too many applications for credit cards with bad credit in a short period. Each time an application is received, the lender makes a credit inquiry.

Too many credit inquiries due to bad credit credit cards lower the credit score. This is bad for any consumer but even worse for someone who is using credit cards to rebuild credit.

The irony of the situation has not gone unnoticed and some legislators are lobbying to change the rules regarding this area of credit reporting laws.

Summary of Bad Credit Credit Cards

Whether the credit score has slipped due to an issue that was self-created or due to no fault of their own, consumers often find themselves qualifying for only bad credit credit cards.

This is definitely not a high point in anyone’s life but using a credit card to rebuild bad credit may be necessary. By thoroughly researching the secured and unsecured credit cards for bad credit, a person will find the best deal.

This involves reading all the fine print included in information provided by issuers of bad credit credit cards. It also requires identifying monthly interest rates and APRs for purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances as well as cash advance, late payment, and balance transfer fees associated with each of these bad credit credit cards.

When a bad credit unsecured credit card is available, it should be considered instead of a secured version. Getting a credit card with bad credit involves completing an application for the card offering the lowest interest rates and fees plus favorable terms.

Barclaycard, Capital One, and Vanquis are just three of the available cards for people who are trying to repair their credit history. Using credit cards to rebuild credit, many consumers have got themselves out of the ditch of debt and back on the road leading to financial stability.

Within a year or so, a person who once only qualified for bad credit credit cards may be offered a lower interest rate. After approximately six to twelve months of responsible spending and payment, cardholders should see their credit scores begin to improve.

Compare Bad Credit Credit Cards Before Completing An Application

Many of us who reside in the UK have become savvy consumers, out of necessity. Rising petrol prices and the VAT tax increase have taken their toll on our wallets. If we are not good personal financial managers, they also have taken a toll on our credit.

When these are our only option, we should compare bad credit credit cards to decide which one is right for us

Credit is a funny thing because while it is nice to have, it is often painful to use. Only the most disciplined individuals can make credit work for them. Anyone who qualifies only for a bad credit credit card is not in this group.

Most credit card issuers will not even consider an individual with bad credit due to the risk. Fortunately, the keyword is “most,” not all, which means some credit card companies specialize in this sector.

A credit card for someone with bad credit is similar to a traditional credit card in terms of how it can be used. The main difference is the interest rate, which is usually higher.

A bad credit rating equals financial risk and card issuers want to be compensated for taking on that additional risk. Though consumers with poor credit may find this frustrating, the alternative of not qualifying for any credit is worse.

The Aqua MasterCard is designed for someone with poor credit. It features a 35.9 percent variable APR, which is a bit difficult to swallow, but it could be worse. Cardholders receive a credit limit of up to £1,600 and have some flexibility in terms of payment dates.

No interest is charged on purchases if the balance is repaid on time and in full each month. This no annual fee card features 24-hour customer service, online account management, and access to optional insurance products.

If Visa is preferred, UK consumers should consider the Vanquis Visa card. It carries a 39.9 percent variable APR and a credit limit of up to £1,000. This card has also found an audience with people who have no credit history.

By their fourth statement, cardholders may be eligible for a credit limit increase and possibly further increases every four months, to maximum of £3,000. Account management may be done online or via SMS.

Those who do not want to take on debt while rebuilding their credit might find a prepaid credit card attractive. The CashPlus Creditbuilder MasterCard can be ordered online for a fee of £9.95.

The credit score should increase after about six to eight months of use. Consumers may spend only up to the card balance, making this card perfect for use by children as well.

Access to credit a primary reason to get one of these cards. Increasingly, individuals are finding themselves with poor credit due to no fault of their own. Others have fallen on difficult times due to redundancy or losing money in the market.

Whether they have a default, CCJ, or IVA, they can get access to the credit they need using this type of credit card.

Compare bad credit credit cards to see which will most effectively improve the credit rating. Using the card properly, individuals can show that they are financially responsible.

When people regularly use credit cards, make the minimum payment or more on time each month, and do not exceed their credit limit, their credit score should steadily increase.

Getting Into And Out Of A Bad Credit Situation

A credit card is necessary to complete some buying and selling transactions. It is not always possible, not to mention not safe or convenient, to carry around a huge stack of money. If cash is stolen, it is not usually recovered.

When a credit card is stolen, it can be quickly and easily replaced. There are even credit cards for bad credit consumers that allow people with a poor credit score to enjoy this lifestyle.

Many things can cause the credit score to decline aside from loss of employment. Late payments on bills, car loans, the rent, or a mortgage can negatively affect credit rating. Legal judgments such as lawsuits can also do damage, as can unaffordable medical bills. Once the credit rating begins to decline, the consumer will find it more difficult to qualify for a credit card.

Bad credit credit cards can help consumers improve their credit rating. The credit score will not skyrocket overnight but through a disciplined plan for repayment, it can gradually improve. With bad credit cards, UK consumers pay a higher APR.

A lower rate may be offered for an introductory period or the card may feature a variable rate.

Bad credit cards may also have an annual fee as well as a participation fee, setup fee, and program fee. If cardholders make late payments, they may be subject to a higher default interest rate than cardholders with good credit.

These are just a few of the factors to consider when reviewing card offers.

Consumers should only consider bad credit credit cards that fit their budget. Both the higher interest rate and fees should be taken into consideration when reviewing the options. Once the best deal is found, the card can be used to reestablish credit by paying the balance in full and on time each month.

All You Need To Know About Credit Card Rejections

Banks have drastically changed their lending habits due to the financial crisis and subsequent recession. Since they are less willing to take risks, consumers may find it more difficult to get approved for credit cards. Complex scoring systems predict consumer behavior and differ between lenders and credit products.

If consumers who never had an issue obtaining credit suddenly experience a rejection, they may not fit the desired profile. Individuals who are rejected by more than one lender probably have an issue in their credit history or a poor credit score. Rather than continuing to apply for credit, they should stop and review their credit report.

The simple act of applying for too many credit cards and being rejected for each can be very harmful to the credit score. Anyone who has not applied for a card in a while or has been rejected should get a free copy of the credit report. The individual should also contact desired lenders before applying to learn about the deals they are offering. If the credit report is correct, the individual may need to apply for one of the credit cards for bad credit.

If the card is needed to reduce existing debts, this can sometimes be done with existing cards. This creates at least one card with a zero balance that can be used for future spending. Someone with a poor credit score can end up saving money with this approach because bad credit credit cards will probably have a higher interest rate.

If a new card is still desired, a comparison Web site that matches consumers with the best card is a useful tool. A soft search of the credit file is performed that does not impact credit score. If only bad credit cards with high interest rates are offered, the consumer should focus on improving the credit score.

Do Not Ignore Savings When Repaying Debt

When debt has gotten out of hand and bad credit credit cards are the only financing you can receive, things may seem hopeless. Taking a hard look at the budget and making effort to repay debt makes a huge difference. However, do not let loan and credit card balances become your only focus. While attempting to pay off debt, saving should still be a priority.

Debt Advice Foundation Managing Director David Rodger recommends that Brits not lose focus on saving when attempting to repay their debts. Money should still be deposited in savings accounts like ISAs because ignoring saving can put the long-term fiscal well-being of a person in jeopardy. It seems unemployment will continue rising and people must be prepared for the fallout.

With the low interest rates offered on savings and higher rates for borrowing, it can tempting to center the attention on repaying debts. While it is important to minimize debt balances, saving for the future is always wise, especially during these troubling economic times. Prices of goods and services are increasing and employment is particularly shaky, making it smart to have a nest egg.

If debt is mainly due to high balances on bad credit cards, this should be addressed first. Any money left over should be saved by investing in a smart financial tool like an ISA. Only after getting debt under control will consumers be able to qualify for credit cards with lower interest rates and save more cash for the future.

With a credit card, bad credit can mean paying hundreds or thousands of dollars more in interest. Rather than throwing that money out the window, Brits should focus on improving their credit score so they qualify for traditional credit cards. All the while, saving should never be forgotten because you never know when that money might come in handy.

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The Battle Of Good VS Bad Credit Credit Cards

Are you surprised to know that up to one in four people residing in the UK have a poor credit rating? It is true and with the current state of the economy, some experts predict that things will get even worse.

This makes it as important for lenders to offer credit cards for those with adverse credit scores as it is for the individuals to find them. There is an inherent battle between good VS bad credit credit cards, from both lender and consumer perspectives.

No one wishes for poor credit but sometimes it happens. Goods and services become more expensive and unexpected expenses creep up on us. Before long, we fall behind on rent or mortgage payments because we do not have as much cash to spare.

A redundancy or divorce may cause our previous untarnished financial history to become littered with defaults and maybe even a bankruptcy.

Other people find themselves the subject of individual voluntary arrangements or county court judgments. They may even miss loan or credit card payments entirely, resulting in the loss of the card, loan default, or vehicle repossession.

There are so many situations that may cause credit to become damaged and many of them have nothing to do with the spending practices of the individual. Family breadwinners may find themselves unable to recover if they lose their job and cannot pay the bills.

On one hand, credit card companies revel in situations like this because it means more revenue for them. They love cardholders who make late payments or who skip paying the bill. Card issuers make money from these folks in the form of late payment fees and interest rates.

However, if it gets so bad that the card must be cancelled, the card issuer loses a customer, which is not a good thing, especially in this market.

Some lenders choose to recapture this business by entering into the poor credit lending arena. They offer credit cards designed for people with bad credit. In exchange, they jack up interest rates even more and subject cardholders to very low credit limits. The rate and credit limit reflect the added risk taken on by lending to such individuals.

Individuals who find themselves with poor credit also wage an internal war. They are unfamiliar with the world of bad credit and often blame themselves even when the poor financial situation is not their fault.

Until they realize that there are credit cards for people with damaged credit, they may believe they can never repair their financial situation.

Though paying higher interest rates for these cards usually makes them mad, they are thankful that they still qualify for credit. No one wants to be faced with rejection every step of the way toward rebuilding the financial status.

Cards like this help people get back their good credit standing, though they require heavily monitored use.

Knowing that lenders struggle with the idea of good VS bad credit credit cards should make us feel better. If we have not already done so, we may find ourselves applying for one of these cards due to our credit standing.

Though it may be difficult to come to terms with the new credit score, it is comforting to know that lenders are there to help and that we can improve our standing within about a year.

Benefits Of Guaranteed Bad Credit Credit Cards

A guaranteed credit card is attractive to both business people and individuals with bad credit. Working professionals who frequently travel do not want to bring along large sums of cash. Instead, they apply for a credit card featuring guaranteed approval and use it for their business expenses. Consumers who have poor credit may not qualify for anything other than guaranteed credit cards for bad credit. These cards help repair credit history so people can get back on track.

Some companies require their employees to use guaranteed credit cards. They do not want to put the corporate expense account at risk and a credit card is a convenient way for employees to pay for things. When workers return from traveling, they submit expense reports and are reimbursed by their employers. They use this cash to pay the credit card bill or reimburse themselves.

After reviewing their credit history, some people realize that their credit score could use improvement. Before the situation worsens, they review the bad credit cards UK consumers can get and apply for one. By charging only what they can afford to repay each month and making payments before the due date, they rebuild their credit score.

Guaranteed bad credit credit cards have one or two differences from regular credit cards. The interest rate may be higher than for a traditional card. With several providers to choose from, consumers can compare rates to find the best deal. Repaying the balance in full each month makes the interest rate a non-issue.

Terms and conditions for bad credit cards may not be very friendly. Consumers should read the fine print and not subject themselves to high fees that could be unaffordable. They should also make sure that the provider reports card activity to the credit bureau because this is necessary to improve the credit rating.

Using A Credit Card To Fight Inflation

Following the Bank of England warning that UK inflation may increase to the highest since September 2008, many consumers are concerned. The financial environment is already difficult enough for some and an increase in the cost of living will only make things worse. However, making use of the family credit card can reduce expenses and counteract inflationary effects.

It is not easy to find free money but cashback credit cards do offer it. Consumers who regularly use cashback cards for purchases may find themselves saving a lot of money. Experts recommend that cardholders make as many necessary purchases as they can afford to repay by the end of the month. Bad credit cards do not usually offer cashback rewards but consumers can use these cards to rebuild credit so they soon qualify for a cashback card.

Credit cards with points-based rewards earn points for products and services for every one pound in spending. Points may be exchanged for travel, retail products, and supermarket gift cards. The key is finding a card that offers rewards compatible with spending trends. For example, people get double rewards points at Tesco by using a Tesco Clubcard.

Fuel rebate rewards credit cards are difficult to find but they exist. The more the cardholder spends, the higher the reward. Some cards provide fuel discounts and others offer cashback for fuel expenses. Cashback for fuel purchases is usually not as high as a cash reward on other cashback cards. However, the card can be beneficial, especially for long-distance commuters.

To get the most value from a cashback card, consumers should compare cards online. Once they find the best cashback offer, they should use the card regularly and immediately repay the balance. Credit cards for bad credit may not provide rewards but they may periodically increase credit limits, allowing consumers to rebuild credit more quickly.

Credit Cards Part Of Post Bankruptcy Financial Rebuilding

Thousands of Brits have filed for bankruptcy this year, making 2011 rather unpleasant for them. Though bankruptcy can feel like the ultimate low point, it is a chance to begin again with a clean slate. With some patience, time, and a few smart moves, those in bankruptcy can rebuild their financial life, making it better than ever.

The bankruptcy is discharged after approximately 12 months, eliminating the obligation to repay any outstanding debts. However, it affects the ability to apply for credit for many years. If credit is granted, it will be much more expensive than in the past. Though a bankruptcy remains on the credit report for up to ten years, individuals can begin improving their credit score in approximately one year.

The credit report should be reviewed to assess the effects of bankruptcy. If a discharged debt does not reflect a zero balance, the creditor and credit agencies should be contacted to rectify the issue. Not all debts will be discharged and those remaining, such as student loans and mortgages, should be paid on time.

Among the bad credit cards UK lenders provide are credit rebuilder cards. These feature a low credit limit and higher interest rate than a regular card. When they are used wisely, they can help improve credit rating. Purchases should be kept below 40 percent of the limit and account balances should be immediately repaid.

Individuals should use these bad credit credit cards in place of money available in a bank account, not for borrowing. A secured credit card is another credit rebuilder tool. The borrower pays a deposit of ten to 100 percent of the credit limit and this money is held in escrow in case minimum repayments are not made. Individuals with enough cash for the deposit should consider a secured card.

Using Bad Credit Credit Cards Wisely For Holiday Shopping

Holiday purchases represent a financial setback for everyone, even consumers in a good financial situation. With wage freezes, cost of living increases, and increasing unemployment rates, fewer people are finding themselves on easy street this holiday season.

Those who have credit cards for bad credit must be especially careful. The post-holiday slump could be more unpleasant for them this year.

A recent American Express survey revealed that consumers expect to spend more on holiday gifts this year than before the financial crisis. In 2007, respondents expected to pay just £260 on their holiday presents, while they intend to spend £364 this year.

Many of them plan to pay for gifts with their credit cards.

Those who spend unwisely on regular or bad credit cards could still be paying for their purchases in 2023. Spending £500 for holiday gifts this year could take more than 11 years to repay if the minimum of 2.5 percent is paid each month at an interest rate of 18.12 percent.

Considering that many credit cards for bad credit have interest rates nearly double this, repayment could take much longer.

In addition to the lengthy period for repayment, consumers would nearly double their holiday spending, adding £477 worth of interest, in the above scenario. This figure represents another year of holiday spending, with nothing to show for it.

Shoppers should avoid this situation by saving money for gifts throughout the year and repaying holiday credit card purchases in full.

Not all shoppers are going for broke this year. One quarter of the Amex poll respondents plan to use a Secret Santa gift swap program to lower gift costs. An additional 38 percent plan to provide others with gift ideas so money is not wasted on unwanted presents.

Though people may spend more, they may take a smarter approach to swapping gifts.

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